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FNABC Scholarship Award

The Forest Nursery Association of BC Scholarship Award  evaluation criteria, requirements and application form can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

The purpose of this award is to assist worthy students who are FNABC members or sons/daughters/grandsons/granddaughters/employees of an FNABC member to further their post‐secondary education.

  • The number of annual awards of $1000 will be determined by the FNABC Scholarship Award Committee and Executive each calendar year

  • Preference for this award will be given to a student that is entering into field horticulture, agriculture or a forestry‐related field of study

  • Applications for this award will be accepted any time prior to Noon (Pacific Daylight Savings Time), July 30th of each calendar year

  • Applicants must be sponsored by a member of the Forest Nursery Association of BC, and applications signed by the member sponsor.

  • Applicants must be planning to enter or returning to post-secondary education within the 12 month period following the application deadline.

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