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2020 & 2021 Nursery Technology Webinars


A series of webinars were held Wednesdays in August and September, 2020 & 2021

 and covered a variety of North American nursery topics.

The full agenda and recorded webinars can be found at: WCFA recorded webinar series


Each webinar is approximately one hour and includes a Q&A session.

This series was put together by the organizers of the

following meetings since all in-person meetings were canceled:

·         Western Forest and Conservation Nursery Association

·         Intertribal Nursery Council

·         Joint Southern and Northeastern Forest and Conservation Nursery Associations

·         Intermountain Container Seedling Growers’ Association

·         Forest Nursery Association of British Columbia

For more information, please contact:

Western Forestry & Conservation Association

4033 SW Canyon Rd.

Portland, Oregon 97221  503-226-4562

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